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Ian Vardy Professional Introduction

Hi, I’m Ian Vardy.

Thank you so much for taking the time today.  I am a creative chief technology officer who designs software,  leads technical departments, and help CEOs strategically grow companies. 

With over 26 years of success in the technology industry, I am grateful and excited to be pursuing my next opportunity as a Technology Executive or CTO.

My latest accomplishments started in 2012.  I helped grow a company from 3 to 25 employees and over a million in ARR.  I was responsible for establishing and growing the technical vision of the company.  In addition, I was responsible for the installation, mentoring, and management of technical departments, operations, and their respective investments.  

I conceived and designed a unified low-code Software as a Service application platform that provided diverse tools for SaaS app design. In this environment, I lead and designed dozens of oil and gas risk management applications for the oil and gas industry.

I have held senior positions in energy, health care, satellite, government, and the arts and entertainment industries.  I am a creative visual artist who is an award-winning short-film director, writer, and producer, a published rock and roll photographer, and an accomplished musical theatre stage manager and co-producer.

I am passionate about growing businesses that are enterprise, business-to-business, or consumer products,  that focus on enriching the lives and experiences of the audience and user.

I am willing to relocate and work onsite, hybrid, or remotely.  I would love to talk more, at your convenience.